About Drake Homes Inc – Houston, Texas

Drake Homes Inc. established its mark as a Houston area home builder in 2001, specializing in affordable and conveniently located homes. Drake Homes Inc. created a signature as a well known home builder inside the Houston inner loop, building numerous in-town homes and has also built homes in the suburbs, such as The Woodlands and has also been a participant in construction operations in Florida.

The family owned company makes it their mission to provide the highest degree of respect and attention to each home buyer. That mission was ingrained early on in the principles’ work ethic. Drake Homes’ President, Horacio Martinez Jr., began his home building career in customer service. With over 35 years of building experience between the Drake Homes’ executive team, meticulous care is taken with each development and each house to ensure the highest level of expectations are met. Ten-foot ceilings, eight-foot doors, livable floor plans, and a stellar work ethic are all hallmarks of a Drake Homes.

Drake Homes Inc. develops a rapport with clients and homeowners so that they can be of assistance before, during, and after the purchase of their and your dream home.

Our motto: Drake Homes Inc., where we make dreams come true.

Visit our website at: Drake Homes Inc


Availability and prices of any home or townhome mentioned in this blog are subject to change without notice.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are Not and Do Not represent the views of Drake Homes Inc, the owners or employees.

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